Words Matter.

Ideas matter even more.

I work with organizations that do good, so they can do better.
Why bring in a consultant, when you already have in-house expertise?
As a curious outsider and expert learner, I immerse myself in what you're doing and how you do it. I explore what you want to make happen. I listen, I ask, I assess. As each project proceeds, I sharpen ideas, hone expectations, and identify new possibilities. And I work my tail off to give you precisely what you need.


I'm lucky. I get to bring sharp analytic thinking, creativity, and clarity to clients I care about, who are doing work that matters.


Strategic Communications

I create compelling communications strategies, tools, and products to convey what my clients do. From comprehensive campaigns to high-level strategic plans to research reports to media alerts to speechwriting to marketing materials, if you're doing something that is improving education, promoting social justice, strengthening communities, or supporting arts and culture, my role is to make sure you're connecting with your audiences in ways that resonate.

Organizational Planning and Program Design

I provide focus, expertise, and energy to organizations as they seek to strengthen their strategies or launch new initiatives.  From surveying the field to collecting and synthesizing stakeholder input, from designing staff and board retreats to developing public engagement efforts, from facilitating difficult conversations to convening partners in ways that deepen collaborations, I cultivate the best ideas and support clients as they turn those ideas into action.  You may already know precisely what needs to be done — or maybe we'll develop the scope of work together, based on what emerges during our initial conversations.  Either way, I'll bring the dedication, insight, and humor to support your team throughout the process.


I work on local, regional, and national projects. Current and past clients include:

School districts, universities, and education partnerships.
Nonprofits, advocacy organizations, and political campaigns.
Foundations, corporate funders, and philanthropy networks.



Lois Leveen holds degrees from Harvard University, the University of Southern California, and UCLA.  She likes people, loves problem solving, and thrives on variety, which is why consulting suits her so well.  She draws on a broad professional background, including experience as a college professor, a national communications director, and leader of a multi-year, million-dollar program supporting excellent teaching across urban and rural counties. Her work has appeared in/on The New York Times, the Atlantic, the Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post, Library Journal, NPR, and C-SPAN.  A bike commuter who shares her backyard with 120,000 honeybees, in her spare time Lois plays music, sings in a choir, visits art galleries, square dances, and occasionally writes novels.


(503) 241-9672